For the table

Marinated Olives *V   £3.50

Bruschetta *V   £4.95

Garlic bread *V   £3.50


Crostini’s  £6.80
With wild mushrooms and goats cheese
With Tomato and Rocket
With Pesto and Prosciutto




Creamy burrata mozzarella served with sweet cantaloupe melon, prosciutto di San Daniele, toasted pistachio with mint and oregano dressing

Insalata Tri Colore *V   £7.95
A salad of beef tomatoes served with sliced avocado and fresh buffalo mozzarella, seasoned with fresh basil and pesto olive oil

Lobster Monte Carlo   £15.00
Ripe avocado, served with smoked salmon, Lobster tail and baby prawns with a seafood dressing and fresh lemon

Antipasto misto   £12.95
A selection of Italian hams and Salami’s, served with rocket lettuce, laced with balsamic vinegar and topped shavings of parmesan, Mozzarella, Sun dried tomatoes, marinated artichokes and olives

Mixed leaf salad, tossed with Fennel, toasted almonds, Goats cheese, drizzled with Dijon and honey mustard dressing


Gamberoni All’Aglio   £9.90
King prawns pan seared with butter, olive oil, seasoned with garlic and flamed with white wine

Mussels steamed with chopped garlic, Sicilian lemon zest, chilly and fresh ginger

Calamari con Zucchine Fritte   £8.95
Fried crispy squid with courgette lightly dusted with garlic, sea salt and cayenne pepper, served with fresh lemon

Capesante con Pancetta e Purea di Piselli   £11.95
Seared king scallops, served on a mint pea puree, topped with crisp bacon and parsnip crisps

Salsiccia piccante con Lenticchie   £7.25
Spicy Italian Sausage, served with braised lentils and shavings of Parmesan cheese



Zuppa del Giorno   £6.50
(Please ask your waiter)


Spaghetti con ragù e Scamorza   Starter £6.90       Main course £11.80
Spaghetti served with a 24 hour braised rich beef Ragu sauce, topped with smoked mozzarella

Gnocchi con Gorgonzola, arancia e vodka *V   Starter £7.70       Main course £11.90
Gnocchi served with a Gorgonzola, chopped sage and vodka creamy sauce, infused with orange zest

Tagliatelle con Granchio & Capesante   Starter £10.20       Main course £15.50
Tagliatelle served with seared scallops, fresh crabmeat, butter, seasoned with soft green peppercorns and fresh dill

Tortelloni ai Funghi selvatici *V   Starter £9.20       Main course £13.85
Parcels of fresh pasta filled with ricotta and spinach served in a wild forest mushroom sauce, seasoned with fresh sage and hint of cream

Lasagne alla Siciliana   Starter £9.20       Main course £13.85
Fresh home made Sicilian lasagne with salami, garden peas, ham, mozzarella, laced with tomato and chopped parmesan

Fettuccine al Salmone    Starter £9.20       Main course £13.85
Ribbons of pasta, served with sliced smoked salmon, fresh salmon, seasoned with fresh dill, vodka, paprika and a hint of cream

Risotto di Zafferano e Pera Coha *V   Starter £10.20       Main course £14.90
A creamy saffron risotto laced with Parmesan and served with poached pear

Penne all’arrabbiata *V   Starter £6.90       Main course £10.80
Penne pasta served with pan seared garlic, chopped chili pepper, seasoned with fresh basil and laced with tomato

Penne all’ortolana   Starter £7.95       Main course £13.50
Penne served with roasted red peppers, crispy pancetta, thyme, chopped garlic, laced with tomato, saffron and a hint of cream

Spaghetti alla Crema d’Aragosta  Starter £12.20       Main course £16.95
Spaghetti served with a rich lobster cream sauce tossed with lobster, braised fennel and topped with crisp root vegetable nest

Linguine alla pescatora   Starter £11.90       Main course £16.95
Linguine served with a selection of king prawns, mussels, clams, scallops and Langoustine, seasoned with tomato, oregano and garlic

Linguine con pesto e pomodorini secchi *V   Starter £6.95       Main £11.90
Linguine served in a Pesto sauce, hint of cream and sun dried tomatoes

Ravioli con piselli al profumo di menta *V   Starter £9.20       Main £14.85
Fresh parcels of pasta filled with pea puree and shallots, served in a light mint butter, with steamed asparagus and pea shoots

We have gluten free Penne & Spaghetti pasta which can be served with a sauce of your choice

* (V) = Vegetarian options
Please ask your waiter for advice on allergens.
All price are inclusive of VAT. Mangement reserve the right to refuse service witout explanation. 10% discrepancy service charge will be added to your bill.


Grid and Specialty of Meat

Chateaubriand   £51.50
Served with fritts and béarnaise sauce (for two persons)

Filetto di Manzo 10 oz   £24.50
10 oz Fillet steak char grilled

Sirloin 9 oz   £19.50
9 oz Sirloin steak char grilled

Steak accompliments   £3.50
* Funghi, Rich, Wild mushroom and porcini sauce
* Peppercorn, Soft green peppercorn sauce
* Béarnaise sauce

Filetto di Manzo con Funghi selvatici   £27.90
Fillet of beef wrapped in parma ham, topped with shavings of parmesan cheese and served with pan seared wild mushrooms, seasoned with fresh mint, garlic and dressed with white truffle oil

Fiorentina in Padella   £26.45
T bone steak, served pan seared with fresh sage, sliced garlic and milled black pepper

Fegato in padella con burro e salvia   £19.95
Calves liver pan seared with fresh sage black butter, served with a spring onion mash

Bocconcino con gorgonzola e rucola  £22.95
Sliced beef in a sauce of garlic, rosemary, Gorgonzola, served with rocket and shavings of Parmesan

Fegato d’Agnello al pepe   £18.35
Rack of lamb coated in crushed black and red peppercorns, pistachio nuts and glazed with a hint of honey and balsamic reduction

Pollo con pancetta, limone e timo   £16.95
Bread of chicken, wrapped in bacon and oven roasted with lemon and thyme, served with a pesto mash

Tagliata di pollo con funghi selvatici e aglio   £16.10
Sliced breast of chicken, oven roasted with wild mushrooms, seasoned with crushed garlic, fresh rosemary, flamed with white wine and laced with a hint of cream

Saltimbocca alla romana   £15.95
Medallions of veal, topped with Parma ham, pan fried with butter, fresh sage and flamed with white wine

Pollo milanese con finocchio e rucola   £15.95
Breast of chicken coated in breadcrumbs, served with a fennel, lemon and rocket salad

* (V) = Vegetarian options
Please ask your waiter for advice on allergens.
All price are inclusive of VAT. Mangement reserve the right to refuse service witout explanation. 10% discrepancy service charge will be added to your bill.



Salmone con cozze allo Zenzero   £17.10
Filet of scotch Salmon, served with a ginger cream sauce, mussels and tarragon

Lobster con burro alle erbe   £29.95
Whole lobster served steamed, topped with a lime zest herb butter

Capesante in padella con salvia e capperi   £24.10
King scallops pan seared with fresh sage, caper berries and butter, served with rocket

Branzino con burro al coriandolo   £21.95
Fillets of Sea bass pan seared, served on mash potato, topped with a coriander butter

Branzino con salsa verde   £21.95
Fillets of Sea bas pan seared, served in a fresh herb oil, on crushed new potatoes


Vegetali del Giorno   £4.10
A selection of fresh seasonal garden vegetables

Sauté   £3.10
French Fries   £3.10
Baked rosemary Mash   £4.95
Blue Cheese Mash   £3.35
Spinach   £3.10
Broccoli   £3.00
Mangetout   £3.00

Rucola e Parmigiano *V   £4.45
Rocket lettuce, laced with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, topped with shavings of Parmesan cheese

Tomato and Red onion Salad *V  £4.45
With basil, olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Mixed salad *V  £4.10
Dressed with olive oil and white wine vinegar

Green salad *V  £4.10
Dressed with olive oil and white wine vinegar

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Please note some dishes may contain nuts.
If you are allergic to nuts or anything else please inform us when ordering your food.
All prices are inclusive of VAT Mangement reserve the right to refuse service without explanation.
10% discrepancy service charge will be added to your bill