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For the table

Marinated Olives *V£3.50

Bruschetta *V£4.95

Garlic bread *V£3.50

Focaccia Rosmary and sea salt *V per portion £1.50

Crostini’s £6.80
With wild mushrooms & goats cheese
With Tomato and Rocket
With Pesto and Prosciutto




Insalata Tri Colore *V £7.95
A salad of beef tomatoes served with sliced avocado and fresh buffalo mozzarella, seasoned with fresh basil and pesto olive oil

Lobster Monte Carlo £15.00
Ripe avocado, served with smoked salmon, Lobster tail and baby prawns with a seafood dressing and fresh lemon

Antipasto misto £12.95
A selection of Italian hams and Salami’s, served with rocket lettuce, laced with balsamic vinegar and topped shavings of parmesan, Mozzarella, Sun dried tomatoes, marinated artichokes and olives

Insalata Panzanella con mozzarella di Bufala V* £8.95
Salad of vine tomatoes served with sliced red onion, basil, crisp croutons and roasted black olives, buffalo mozzarella and dressed with extra virgin olive oil and raspberry wine vinegar

Burrata con Melone e prosciutto £11.95
Creamy burrata mozzarella served with sweet cantaloupe melon, prosciutto di San Daniele, toasted pistachio with mint and oregano dressing


Gamberoni All’Aglio £9.90
King prawns pan seared with butter, olive oil, seasoned with garlic and flamed with white wine

Cozze con Sambucca E Peperoncini £8.10
Mussels steamed with chopped garlic, hint of sambuca liquor, lemon zest and chilli peppers

Calamari con Zucchine Fritte £8.95
Fried crispy squid with courgette lightly dusted with garlic, sea salt and cayenne pepper, served with fresh lemon

Capesante con Pancetta e Purea di Piselli £11.95
Seared king scallops, served on a mint pea puree, topped with crisp bacon and parsnip crisps

Salsiccia piccante con Lenticchie £7.95
Spicy Italian Sausage, served with braised lentils and shavings of Parmesan cheese

Zuppa del Giorno £6.50
(Please ask your waiter)

*V = Vegetarian options


Spaghetti con ragù e Scamorza   Starter £6.90       Main course £11.80
Spaghetti served with a 24 hour braised rich beef Ragu sauce, topped with smoked mozzarella

Gnocchi con Gorgonzola, arancia e vodka *V   Starter £7.70       Main course £11.90
Gnocchi served with a Gorgonzola, chopped sage and vodka creamy sauce, infused with orange zest

Tagliolini con Granchio & Capesante   Starter £10.20       Main course £15.50
Thin fresh pasta served with seared scallops, fresh crabmeat, butter, seasoned with soft green peppercorns and fresh dill

Tortelloni ai Funghi selvatici *V   Starter £9.20       Main course £13.85
Parcels of fresh pasta filled with ricotta and spinach served in a wild forest mushroom sauce, seasoned with fresh sage and hint of cream

Tortelloni Di Anatra Brasata   Starter £11.50     Main course £16.10
Parcels of fresh pasta filled with braised duck served in a rich tomato sauce with stewed onions, basil, marjoram and crisp smoked pancetta

Lasagne alla Siciliana   Starter £9.20       Main course £13.85
Fresh home made Sicilian lasagne with salami, garden peas, ham, mozzarella, laced with tomato and chopped parmesan

Fettuccine al Salmone    Starter £9.20       Main course £13.85
Ribbons of pasta, served with sliced smoked salmon, fresh salmon, seasoned with fresh dill, vodka, paprika and a hint of cream

Risotto Di Scampi e Piselli   Starter £11.20     Main course £15.95
A creamy risotto served with scampi, ginger garden peas and chopped tomato, seasoned with a hint of tarragon

Risotto Ai Porcini E Tartufo *V   Starter £11.20     Main course £15.95
A creamy risotto of porcini mushrooms, wild mushrooms and truffle, parmesan and parsley

Penne all’arrabbiata *V   Starter £6.90       Main course £10.80
Penne pasta served with pan seared garlic, chopped chili pepper, seasoned with fresh basil and laced with tomato

Penne all’ortolana   Starter £7.95       Main course £13.50
Penne served with roasted red peppers, crispy pancetta, thyme, chopped garlic, laced with tomato, saffron and a hint of cream

Spaghetti alla Crema d’Aragosta  Starter £12.20     Main course £16.95
Spaghetti served with a rich lobster cream sauce tossed with lobster, braised fennel and topped with crisp root vegetable nest

Linguine alla pescatora   Starter £11.90       Main course £16.95
Linguine served with a selection of king prawns, mussels, clams, scallops and Langoustine, seasoned with tomato, oregano and garlic

Linguine con pesto e pomodorini secchi *V   Starter £6.95       Main £11.90
Linguine served in a Pesto sauce, hint of cream and sun dried tomatoes

Ravioli con piselli al profumo di menta *V   Starter £9.20       Main £14.85
Fresh parcels of pasta filled with pea puree and shallots, served in a light mint butter, with steamed asparagus and pea shoots

*V = Vegetarian options We have gluten free Penne & Spaghetti pasta which can be served with a sauce of your choice


Grid and Specialty of Meat

Chateaubriand   £51.50
Served with fritts and béarnaise sauce (for two persons)

Filetto di Manzo 10 oz   £24.50
10 oz Fillet steak char grilled

Sirloin 9 oz   £19.95
9 oz Sirloin steak char grilled

Steak accompliments   £3.50
* Funghi, Rich, Wild mushroom & porcini sauce
* Peppercorn, Soft green peppercorn sauce
* Béarnaise sauce

Filetto di Manzo con Funghi selvatici   £27.90
Fillet of beef wrapped in parma ham, topped with shavings of parmesan cheese and served with pan seared wild mushrooms, seasoned with fresh mint, garlic and dressed with white truffle oil

Fiorentina in Padella   £26.45
T bone steak, served pan seared with fresh sage, sliced garlic and milled black pepper

Fegato in padella con burro e salvia   £19.95
Calves liver pan seared with fresh sage black butter, served with a spring onion mash

Fegato Alla Veneziana   £19.95
Calves liver sautéed with braised onions, fresh sage, served in a white wine sauce

Bocconcino con gorgonzola e rucola  £22.50
Sliced beef in a sauce of garlic, rosemary, Gorgonzola, served with rocket and shavings of Parmesan

Fegato d’Agnello al pepe   £18.35
Rack of lamb coated in crushed black and red peppercorns, pistachio nuts and glazed with a hint of honey and balsamic reduction

Pollo con pancetta, limone e timo   £16.95
Bread of chicken, wrapped in bacon and oven roasted with lemon and thyme, served with a pesto mash

Tagliata di pollo con funghi selvatici e aglio   £16.10
Sliced breast of chicken, oven roasted with wild mushrooms, seasoned with crushed garlic, fresh rosemary, flamed with white wine and laced with a hint of cream

Pollo milanese con finocchio e rucola   £15.95
Breast of chicken coated in breadcrumbs, served with a fennel, lemon and rocket salad

Saltimbocca alla romana   £15.50
Medallions of veal, topped with Parma ham, pan fried with butter, fresh sage and flamed with white wine



Salmone con cozze allo Zenzero   £17.10
Filet of scotch Salmon, served with a ginger cream sauce, mussels and tarragon

Lobster con burro alle erbe   £29.95
Whole lobster served steamed, topped with a lime zest herb butter

Capesante in padella con salvia e capperi   £24.10
King scallops pan seared with fresh sage, caper berries and butter, served with rocket

Branzino con burro al coriandolo   £21.95
Fillets of Sea bass pan seared, served on mash potato, topped with a coriander butter

Branzino con salsa verde   £21.95
Fillets of Sea bas pan seared, served in a fresh herb oil, on crushed new potatoes


Vegetali del Giorno £4.10
A selection of fresh seasonal garden vegetables

Sauté   £3.10
French Fries   £3.10
Truffle and Parmesan Fries   £4.95
Blue Cheese Mash   £3.35
Baked rosemary Mash  £3.35
Black Truffle Mash  £4.95
Broccoli   £3.00
Mangetout   £3.00
Spinach   £3.10
Deep Fried Zucchini   £3.10

Rucola e Parmigiano *V £4.45
Rocket lettuce, laced with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, topped with shavings of Parmesan cheese

Tomato and Red onion Salad *V £4.45
With basil, olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Mixed salad *V £4.10
Dressed with olive oil and white wine vinegar

Green salad *V £4.10
Dressed with olive oil and white wine vinegar

*V = Vegetarian options
Please ask your waiter for advice on allergens.
All price are inclusive of VAT. Mangement reserve the right to refuse service witout explanation. 12.5% discrepancy service charge will be added to your bill.



Pera in Vin Santo £6.95
Pear pouched in Italian dessert wine infused with lemon, vanilla pod served with a Sicilian ice cream laced with candies fruit

Panna Cotta £6.10
Set cooked cream infused with a hint of Strega, served with seasonal fruits and raspberry coulis

Cannoli Siciliani £6.15
Crisp pastry shell filled with ricotta cream laced with candied fruit served with a shot of cassata ice cream

Creme Brulee infused with elderflower £6.95
A classic cream dessert, infused with vanilla pod and topped with a crisp caramel

Affogato  £5.55
Vanilla ice cream served with crushed almond cookies and hot espresso coffee

Rum babas £6.95
Yeasty fruit buns soaked in rum syrup and topped with vanilla ice cream with whipped double cream

Chocolate brownie with toasted almonds and Frangelico £6.95
A light Chocolate Brownie, topped with toasted almonds and drizzled with a Hazelnut Liquer, served with vanilla ice cream

Chocolate Profiteroles £5.95
Profiteroles covered in a rich chocolate sauce

Lemon and Lime Cheesecake £6.95
A light mascapone cream infused with lemon and zest served on a biscuit base

Fresh Strawberries  £6.95
Served with either ice cream of your choice or cream or Italian style with lemon, sugar, a hint of pepper and Brandy

Macedonia di frutta  £6.50
This Italian fruit salad is a medley of fruits combined toghether

Pavlova  £7.95
A crisp meringue base, topped with whipped cream, wild berries and raspberry coulis

Italian Ice Creams and Sorbet  £4.50

Tiramisu  £6.95
The Italian Classic

Italian Cheese Board  £7.95



Filter Coffee  £2.50
Espresso  £2.50
Double Espresso  £2.75
Caffé Macchiato  £2.60
Cappuccino  £2.75
Caffé Latte  £2.75
Caffé Mocha  £2.75
Liqueur Coffees  £5.50
Breakfast Tea  £2.50
Earl Grey Tea  £2.50
Pepper Mint Tea  £2.50


Dessert Wine

MOSCATO D’ASTI    £34.50     |    100ml Glass  £8.00
Rich, honeyed aromas with a rich, full taste on the mouth. Soft and pleasantly balanced to taste. Turbè is a rich, sweet dessert wine that is not cloying. Great as an accompaniment to desserts or dried biscuits

VIN SANTO DEL CHIANTI CLASSICO  500ML  £62.00   |    100ml Glass  £12.90
Warm golden to amber yellow, rich in luminous reflections blend of Trebbiano Toscano and Malvasia del Chianti. The bouquet, complex, with scents of raisins, apricots, figs, wood and honey inklings


Bellini Classic   £7.80
Peach juice, Prosecco

Mojito Classic | Raspberry Mojito  £7.95
White Rum, Fresh lime, Soda water, Mint, Sugar | White Rum, Fresh Lime, Fresh Raspberries, Mint, Sugar

Cosmoplitan  £7.95
Asolute Vodka, Fresh lime, Triple sec, Cranberry juice

Negroni Sbagliato  £8.10
Campari sweet, vermouth, Prosecco

Tia Espresso Martini  £7.95
Vodka, Tia Maria, Espresso Coffee, Sugar

Porn Star Martini  £9.95
Vodka, Passa, Passion fruit Puree, Sugar syrup, Shot of Prosecco

Strawberry Daiquiri  £7.95
Fresh Strawberries, Bacardi, Fresh lime, Sugar

Orange Blossom  £7.95
Bombay Sapphire Gin, Honey, Squeezed, Fresh orange, Tonic water, Long orange peel

Sex on the Beach £7.95
Vodka, Cranberry juice, Orange juice, Peach Schnapps

Margarita £7.95
Tequila, Triple sec, Fresh lime, Salt

El Presidente  £7.95
Sweet Vermouth, White Rum, Dash of Grenadine Cherry

Sunshine Speciale £7.95
Southern Comfort, Orange juice, Splash of Campari

Amaretto Sour £7.95
Amaretto liqueur, Sugar syrup, Fresh lemon, Maraschino cherry


Moutard Brut, Grande Cuvée   £41.90  |   Glass 175ml  £10.00
This Champagne has a fine character on the nose and palate which lasts through to the finish

TAITTINGER Brut Reserve   £51.00
A medium-bodied Champagne showing subtle citrus and toasty flavours and an elegant balanced finish

TAITTINGER Prestige Rose   £69.50
Balanced, lively and smooth with good length and persistent flavours of red fruit

LAURENT PERRIER Cuvée Rosé   £83.00
Luxuriously delicate-subtle bouquet and flavour, a Rose Champagne with class and distinction

DOM PERIGNON Cuvée MOET   £147.00
Believed by millions to be the “Crème de la Crème”

LOUIS ROEDERER Cristal  £310.00
Believed by millions to be the “Crème de la Crème”


NERELLO MASCALESE, Pink Prosecco £28.95   |   Glass 175ml  £7.95
A gorgeous pink colour with gentle musky hints

PROSECCO BRUT, Favola £28.95  |   Glass 175ml  £7.90
Bright and luminous the bouquet is extremely fruity moderately dry with almonds nuances typical of the Prosecco grape


AMERIGO HOUSE, Trebbiano    £17.00   |   Glass 175ml  £4.90   |   Large Glass 250ml  £6.70

GUERRIERI RIZZARDI, Soave Classico    £29.90   |   Glass 175ml  £7.65   |    Large Glass 250ml  £10.15
An elegant 100% Pinot Grigio attractively full flavoured well balanced with a long finish

PINOT GRIGIO, Friuli – Tenuta Ca’Bolani DOC £27.50   |   Glass 175ml  £6.95   |    Large Glass 250ml  £9.95
An elegant 100% Pinot Grigio attractively full flavoured well balanced with a long finish

PINOT GRIGIO, Blush, DOC    £25.50
Vinified in contact with skins a wine with a inviting copper colour and floral aromas

SAUVIGNON Friuli, doc Tenuta Ca’Bolani    £27.50   |   Glass 175ml  £6.95   |    Large Glass 250ml  £9.95
100% Sauvignon the aroma is fresh and intense with hints of green peppers elderflower and sage

GAVI, San Silvestro, DOCG   £34.00  |   Glass 175ml  £8.95   |    Large Glass 250ml  £12.80
Fresh and crisp with a hint of fruitiness, enriched by a light, candy-like sensation

VERNACCIA DI SAN GIMIGNANO   £25.50   |   Glass 175ml  £6.35   |   Large Glass 250ml  £8.55
Bouquet of mature fruit and meadow flowers with a perceptible scent of light green apples. The gentle, harmonious taste gives off
delicate, fruity notes

VERMENTINO, Maremma Toscana – Calasole   £28.00
Sardinia’s best known white, this golden coloured, dry wine is herbal and aromatic displaying light almond flavours and a fresh well balanced finish

CHARDONNAY Friuli, Tenuta Ca’Bolani, DOC    £24.50  |   Glass 175ml  £6.25  |   Large Glass250ml  £8.45
Pale straw tones intense scents of fruit, fresh and enchantingly

Deep straw yellow 100 % Chardonnay grape, dry and well rounded with elegant and toasted almonds, zesty and velvety with vanilla tones


AMERIGO HOUSE, Nero d’Avola    £17.00   |   Glass 175ml £4.90   |    Large Glass 250ml  £6.70

TRASTULLO, Vino Rosso   £23.50 Glass 175ml £6.10   |    Large Glass 250ml  £7.95
Rosso has an intense ruby colour a nose of cherries with a hint of plum the palate is velvety with sweet blackberries, ripe, cooked plums and black cherries. 

A baby Amarone remarkably complex with scents of cherries, great strength and sturdy body

AMARONE CLASSICO, Veneto – Zonin, DOC    £55.95
Blend of Corvine, Rondinella, Monlinara and Negrara, smoky and solid, ripe black cherry and plum flavours, balanced tannins and acidity

BARBERA D’ASTI, Castello del Poggio, DOC    £25.50   |   Glass 175ml  £6.50   |    Large Glass 250ml  £8.50
100% Barbera grape, with pale purple reflections, an intense bouquet with emerging spice, with a persistent finish

PINOT NOIR, Sacchetto    £31.00
Pinot nero grape pleasing on the nose with long scents delicate with fragrance of roses, soft with rich almond notes

MERLOT, Friuli – Tenuta Ca’Bolani, DOC   £33.00   |   Glass 175ml  £8.25   |   Large Glass 250ml  £11.40
Vivid ruby red in colour 100% merlot aged in Slavonian oak barrels, the bouquet is vinious with fruity scents of ripe strawberries

BAROLO, Costa di Bussia, DOCG    £46.90
A well made, full bodied red wine. Ruby red in colour with a garnet reflection. Oak aged rich and elegant with a velvety bouquet. Ideal with game, roasts, grills and strong cheeses.

SALICE SALENTINO, Puglia, DOC   £26.50   |   Glass 175ml  £6.25   |   Large Glass 250ml  £8.80
Full bodied with good length and scents of wild berries

CHIANTI RISERVA, Cantina Bunacchi    £39.00   |   Glass 175ml  £9.75   |   Large Glass 250ml  £13.10
Sangiovese grapes aged for 15 months in oak barrels then 12 months in steal tanks, dry full bodied with hints of almonds and toasted wood aromas

Trastullo Chianti is ruby red with hints of violet. The bouquet has softly pronounced notes of red berry fruits and a hint of vanilla. 

BRUNELLO DI MONTALCINO, Carpineto    £69.00
A subtle red with aromas of blackberries and earth. Power and ripe fruit with fine tannins and a caressing finish of fruit and earth

A superb wine from southern Italy, full flavoured wine with hints of coffee and cacao

SASSEO PRIMITIVO DELLA PUGLIA   £26.35   |   Glass 175ml  £6.70   |   Large Glass 250ml  £8.90
Aged in French oak, intense notes of plums and wild berry

CABERNET SAUVIGNON “PRINCIPI DI BUTERA”    £36.00   |   Glass 175ml  £9.10   |   Large Glass 250ml  £12.10
Concentrated and opaque, pure cab Sauvignon with intense nose, full flavoured rich with echoes of vanilla

Aged in oak for one year his wine has deep flavours of blossom and spicy hints a typical wine for a great part of Italy

Syrah… Big structure and long finish with sweet spice

Vanilla oak and raspberry summer pudding with notes of black pepper on the finish


ITALIAN, Rosé TERRE SICILIANE  £26.50   |   Glass 175ml  £6.55   |    Large Glass 250ml  £9.30
Fresh, fruit driven nose of herby red berries with hints of spice. The palate is medium to light bodied and dry with generous raspberry and cranberry fruit flavours and a crisp, refreshing finish

FRENCH LA BELLE ETOILE CELESTIALE Rosé GRENACHE    £25.50   |   Glass 175ml  £6.55   |    Large Glass 250ml  £9.30
Fresh, fruit driven nose of herby red berries with hints of spice. The palate is medium to light bodied and dry with generous raspberry and cranberry fruit flavours and a crisp, refreshing finish


Domaine de Varoux is distinguished by its power, elegance, bouquet and length

CHATEAUNEUF-DU-PAPE, Rhone Valley – Domaine de la Solitude    £51.90
Ripe morello cherries complented by vanilla and spice. Elegant and smooth

This is a lovely, classic style of red Bordeaux – lots of chunky black fruit, firm, grippy tannins and those classic pencil shaving, cedar wood aromas

T’AIR D’oC SYRAH    £25.00
Red fruit and hints of spice on the nose. Plenty of structure. Soft tannins give this medium bodied wine a classic Syrah palate


Traditionally styled Rioja, smooth, ripe and subtle with added complexity of vanilla and well integrated tannins in a long finish Domaine de Varoux is distinguished by its power, elegance, bouquet and length


CHENIN BLANC, Leeuwenkuil   £25.50
Ripe, fruit characters of juicy peach and pineapple, refreshingly balanced by delicious green apple and citrus notes

Pale lemon in colour, with vibrant tropical fruit aromas of passionfruit and lychees. Layered beneath there are hints of gooseberry, citrus and dried herbs.

CHARDONNAY, Foundstone – Berton Vineyard   £25.50
Good intensity of green apples, fresh citrus fruits and mineral tones on the nose. The palate has lifted Sauvignon aromatics and flavours through to whistle-clean finish

Full of lively tropical fruits coupled with a rich, rounded and mouthfilling texture and a mineral edge that add’s a layer of complexity. A very fresh feeling and generously flavoured wine.

Fresh, crisp and full of delicious gooseberry, melon and guava flavours; ready to be enjoyed young

SHIRAZ, WILLIAM ROBERTSON   £26.65 Full-bodied wine shows freshly crushed black pepper aromas with hints of cinnamon and cloves on the nose with lots of brambly red berry fruit, rich mulberry and well integrated vanilla tones.

Warm berry fruit flavours and tobacco spice make for a fullbodied and comp/ex wine that has depth and tremendous concentration

All price are inclusive of VAT. Mangement reserve the right to refuse service witout explanation. 12.5% discrepancy service charge will be added to your bill.